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Reflections of a Day Well Spent

Reflections of a Day Well Spent


While this may sound corny, I felt the need to write it down, and perhaps revisit when I am having a tough day. I had a "perfect" day over the weekend that was beyond simple.

It started out with a workout, followed by a Sushi date with my husband. We were looking for something to do aside from hiking. Since the onset of COVID, I believe we have done every trail on Long Island.  At the very last minute I found one of those Painting classes with only one seat left. I pleaded with the teacher and told her we were not that big and miraculously she fit us in. Eleven women and my guy painted up a storm. Of course, the canvases will go into the garage with the other ones accumulated over the years.  I never know what to do with them when they are completed, but the activity itself is peaceful, and entertaining. Wearing a mask during the 2- hour class was a bit uncomfortable, but aside from that, it was great.

If you follow my social media feed, you know that the even bigger event of the day was my husband surrendering his flip phone and joining the new age. I have been begging for 6 years. I had bought him an iPhone for our tenth wedding anniversary, and he immediately took it back stating he didn't need one, it was too expensive, he was either here or at the office blah, blah blah. Finally, after seeing my friend's parents texting with ease he capitulated and decided to get on the bandwagon.

No longer will my texts get 3 letter answers, since he would have to scroll through the entire alphabet to type each individual character. No longer will he take a picture but not know how to share it or send it.  No longer will he need me to look up random questions because he had no search engine. It was a momentous occasion that made me giddy.

We got home I made dinner and cuddled on the couch to watch TV. That was it. That was my perfect day.

What is so cool about that, in my opinion, is that it wasn't very exciting, nor did it cost tons of money, involve coordinating transportation, and plotting. It was a day that I thought to myself, I hit the husband jackpot. I was doing an event that was stress free and in my wheelhouse, we ate good food had great conversation and that is all it took to make me happy.

When I have a phone call with someone who I haven't spoken to in a long time, I feel joy. When I help a client at work or when I am personal training, and they thank me and tell me that I made a difference I am happy. If my son pays me a compliment it makes my day.

In our current environment there is a lot to be upset and anxious about. Corona Virus, the election, the threat of a food shortage, Climate Change, the economy. Did I mention the election????

The fact that I could have a day of pure bliss which really revolved around a good companion, good food, good weather and a good mindset is priceless.

I am not bragging. I am suggesting you think about how much we all take for granted. The fact that I get to eat out, or do a craft with my husband, or watch a show together are not activities to just kill time. They are cherished moments. In this particular week, I have heard of two youngish, men 42 and 52 respectively losing their lives. I say youngish, because now that I am 50+ that age changes by a decade every year I get older. Time is fleeting and it is also a gift. While it is way easier to complain, try to think about the simple things that give you pleasure. For me, it is coffee, food, friends, a great workout, accomplishing a goal, completing a task that I was procrastinating on, watching my son play baseball, laughing at a daily joke that my husband tells me. Sometimes it is just looking around my house and being grateful to have a home that I love.

I literally think of these things every day and feel blessed. When I was younger, I didn't value moments like these.  I watch the news, and listen to stories from friends and acquaintances, I don't ever want to take my good fortune for granted. So, if this reflection helps at all I am glad to have shared.

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