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Reflections of a Day Well Spent

Valentine's Day Note to Sakara, My Second Love

Dear Sakara,

There are so many things I would like to thank you for, where do I begin? When I first fell in love, it was not only with the taste of the food, but also the rainbow of colors in every meal. The aesthetics including the vibrant colors and variety are unparalleled.

I have always been afraid of food, because I struggled with disordered eating for years. Sakara has given me my freedom back. I don't try to eat less now, but rather an abundance of all of the plants and nutrients that are actually keeping my body in its optimal shape.  I had created so many rules over the years around food deeming some as good and others as bad, that I forgot that food is medicine. Now I like to think of the nutrients each unique food possesses, and decide how I will benefit from each delicious bite. The combinations  in each meal make your taste buds feel alive. I never feel deprived when I am eating a meal from Sakara.

Lastly, as they say the proof is in the (Avocado) pudding. I recently just had surgery, and thought that the recovery was going to be difficult, however, my immune system is so healthy, that 1 day later, I am feeling almost back to myself. I was told to expect 2 weeks of down time. I don't think this is a coincidence or a miracle, I think it is a gift of healthy choices, easily available by Sakara.

Here is the link to better health.





Much love,


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